Thursday, April 19, 2012

Homeschooling recess {April 19, 2012}

Just like any school kid, our favorite time of day around here is recess.  This week was the beginning of an online fitness club called Marathon club through our virtual school.  The goal of the Marathon Club is to run/walk/bike/exercise with a goal of one mile a day, reaching a total of 26.1 miles.  Both of my homeschoolers jumped right in.

For Easter Cosmo got a great gift for his bike.  It's a speedometer.  It tells him how fast he's going, how many calories he's burning and how far he's gone.  It's been a great tool to have this week.  He gets on his bike and Amazing follows.  They bike their little hearts out until the gage says they've gone 2 miles (which translates to 1 mile of exercise on a bike).  They are loving it!

Today though, they are ahead in their mileage goal and decided that since Cosmo's first baseball game is tonight and Amazing is having her first season with girls pitching, they wanted to go out and throw the ball around instead.

How wonderful is it that they have these common interests.  Even better yet, how great is it that they can do any outdoor activity they like on their recess breaks?

They are constantly egging each other on with phrases like "get in front of the ball" and "use two hands".  Mini coaches for each other, they are each other's biggest supporters.

Depending on the mood, they mimic more commands they've heard from their coaches, or end up yelling at each other in irritation and disgust.  Either way, they're working on their skills, bonding and enjoying another beautiful homeschooling recess.

As for the daycare kiddo's, right now their interest in the backyard rests solely in bubble cars and baby dolls.

What a beautiful day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Homeschooling mental health day

Monday was a homeschooling challenge around here.  Were I to post that it had been a huge success though, you would probably wonder what miracle vitamin I was feeding the kids to get them pumped up and on task first thing on a gorgeous, warm, sunny Monday morning in the spring, wouldn't you?  Amazing had been up exceptionally late Friday and Saturday night.  Cosmo went to at a scout camping trip that started Friday and didn't end until 4 on Sunday, and Awesome had finished a stressful track week and was an emotional and physical wreck all weekend.  We were done when it finally came to an end.

Monday morning rolled around and we got Awesome off to school and came home to start our day.  Cosmo immediately went back to bed, leaving Amazing feeling she shouldn't have to start if he wasn't starting yet.  When she asked if she could start the day with some Wii Just Dance 3 with the daycare kiddo's, I was immediately inclined to say yes. 

The day wasn't a total loss though.  I decided things were such a disaster in our homeschool space that it really would be best to take the day for a little reorganization.  I pulled everything off the shelves and out of drawers.  We dusted, vacuumed, sorted, rearranged and came full circle to a well organized, nice looking homeschooling space (if only there were time to paint the walls as well!).  Awesome helped to entertain the daycare children with dancing, blocks, books and more dancing.  Cosmo eventually woke up refreshed and helped by assembling new shelves for me and then arranging his items neatly in his new space. 

Today I feel much better about the space and ready to finish out our school year with enthusiasm!  It's a good thing to take a mental health day from time to time.  Unfortunately, today Amazing is not feeling well and has gone back to bed.  Sigh... at least the end is in sight.